10 Became the food giant of Kazakhstan

We invested in our ancestors’ lands and became leader in food industry within 10 years

Companies investing in Turkish Republics with the incentives of the Late President Turgut Özal have accomplished significant works in those countries.years before, starting to produce pasta under the brand of ‘Sultan’ in the city of Petropavlovsk of Kazakhstan, Okan Holding dominated 80% of the market. While the group operates in many fields such as housing, shopping malls, residences, tourism etc., apart from food industry, their investments are worth approximately 500 million dollars. Attending to the ceremony organized for the establishment anniversary of pasta and biscuit factories, the state governor Tahir Mansurov has expressed that the group has been investing since the country gained its independence. Mehmet Okan, the board member of Okan Holding, stated: “With our investments, we returned to the lands that our ancestors had separated their ways with their ancestors. Our investments have brought us to the top in food industry”.

Deciding to invest after Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991, Okan Holding will celebrate their 15th year in this country on 8 June. At the pasta facility established on a 100 thousand square meters area, there are 360 people working. The capacity of the factory where 27 types of pasta are produced is 3300 tons per month. On a 22 thousand decares area, the group has also started to plant “kanola”, which is used in bio-diesel production, in order to export to Turkey. Another important investment of the holding in Petropavlovsk is biscuit and chocolate factory. The new line of the factory where products with chocolate, caramel and marshmallow are prepared has been opened by State Governor Tahir Mansurov and Mehmet Okan.

In the factory with 260 employees, all personnel are from Kazakhstan except for 4 managers from

Turkey. The State Governor Mansurov said: “We are thankful to Okan Group. I present our President Nur Sultan Nazarbayev’s kindest regards.” Mansurov stated that their country would be one of the 50 strongest countries within 10 years and this would be accomplished by the contributions of investors coming from Turkey.


Export to 13 countries from Kazakhstan

Okan Holding sells their products in Kazakhstan through Sultan Marketing company that they have established. The marketing company coordinated by Melih Güllü reaches out 17 thousand sales points of 11 different regions of the country.

The products are sent to 13 different companies, particularly to Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan. The group has established Okan Agro company in 2004 in order to produce wheat in North Kazakhstan, Temiryazev, Petropavlovsky and regions. Conducting test-planting on 36 thousand decares last year,the company will plant wheat on an area of 70 thousand decares. The goal for incoming years is to do production on a land of 300 thousand decares.

The group has also completed construction projects such as IBA Bank, Okan Intercontinental Hotel Astana Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant and Offices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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