Approximately with 4000 Kazakh-Turkish employees of our group companies in Turkey and Kazakhstan, our group as a pioneer in various areas adopts “humanitarian” philosophy; constantly dynamic and innovative structures of our group companies in accordance with their strategies and goals, offer effective and efficient professional development and career opportunities in human resources.

Hiring Process;
It is the assessment of appropriate human resource without any discrimination or privilege and has a critical role in success of a company.
Employment applications are received in Human Resources Management in Kazakhstan-Almaty and Turkey-Istanbul. Applications are made by means of;
1. Filling in application form in,
2. Fax,
3. Mail,
4. Filling in application form in Okan Plaza and our group companies in person.
Applications are registered on resume database. In accordance with annual manpower planning, a repository of appropriate applicants, that have required qualities, is composed by means of searches on the database for open positions or collective works with consulting firms.
Interviews are done with appropriate applicants to the work profile after a pre-elimination of application forms by the department of Human Resources. At least two interviews, in which Human Resources and related managers participate, are done with applicants. Human Resources Department offer employment to the applicants who accomplish all these interviews and reference inquiries positively.
After the interviews, applications that are not assessed for the existing position, are kept in the database for six months and followed up for different positions.

Probation Process
Our aim in Probation Programme is to assess potential workmates while contributing to the organization and the sector.
Our group offers opportunity of probation, during 1 or 3 months, to the students within the context of Business Preparation Programme at Okan University. Probationary period includes June, July, August and September.

Probationer demands are registered during April-May. Applicant students are accepted according to the interviews with Human Resources Management.

Education Process
We constantly support developments related to the professional business life and personal developments of our employees in various ways in order to be advantageous by means of our human resource in a competitive atmosphere, to improve professional knowledge acquisition and competence of our employees.

Our ways of education
• Internal Trainers
• Quality Management Trainers
• Education by means of Training Companies
• Education with the cooperation of Okan University

Wage Policy and Employee Benefits
Wages are increased annually in January. When wage increases are rated, inflation and comparison datum are taken into consideration; wage adjustments are especially arranged according to the positional scales.
Furthermore we have medical departments within our group companies, construction sites and holding.
Access of our employees is supplied by means of services to the Anatolian and European Sides of Istanbul.

Respect and value that we give people form the basis of our production, line of action and way of thinking.
Our aim is to offer the best. There is no organization without humans or business without sociality on earth. We will continue to take advantage of machines, technology and modern science… However people will manage, improve and make them beneficial as they create all these facts.

At this point our basic concerns, for our employees in other words for our precious source, are;
• constant education,
• to make them hold by ethical principles that coherent with requirements of modern times everlastingly,
• to motivate them duly,
• to harmonize them with society and with themselves,
• to know their own mind,
• to train them as;
• self reliant,
• proud of their job,
• active
• and inquiring minds
We are determined to always discharge our duties as Okan Holding. Our aim is a better world full of happy people…
Desiring to work collaboratively all together for many years!