Foundation Activities

Sports Activities
The foundation supplies sports equipment to schools and rural sports fields at the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions in close cooperation with the Gaziantep Governor’s Office. Work is underway to build sports fields at rural.

Activities in The Health Sector
The Bekir Okan Infirmary recently completed at Camyuva region of Kemer, Antalya has been turned over to the Ministry of Health, and now serves locals and tourists. The foundation also donates to hospitals, such as the Acipayam State Hospital.

Environmental Activities
The foundation is involved in forestation work, and has created
• The Bekir Okan memorial Forest
• The Mehmet Okan Memorial Forest
• The 4000-tree Türkan-Omer Okan Memorial Forest at Silivri, Istanbul in Spring 1997-1998
• The Bekir Okan Park and Children’s Playground in Cizre, Sirnak in 1998

Cultural Activities
Okan Culture,Education and Sports Foundation cooperated with the Turkish Embassy in Alma-Ata and the Ankara Branch of the Society of Istanbul Mimar Sinan Academy of Art Alumni to organize an exhibition of works by fourty painters at the Alma-Ata Fellowship Museum on May 4-14, 1998, on the occasion of 75th year of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. The foundationand Okan Group affiliates sponsored the production of exhibition catalogues,posters etc.




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