Invested 350 million dollars in Kazakhstan, and will cause spaghetti to be loved

Being one of the first foreign investors who went to Kazakhstan after KAZAKHSTAN achieved its independence,

while Okan Holding has made 350 million dollars of investments so far, it also launches new investments in construction and agriculture-food industries. As a group with 25 companies in Turkey, Okan has become a well-known brand in Kazakhstan as well with its investments in food, construction, tourism, marketing and banking industries. Okan Holding has celebrated the 15th anniversary of its investment activities in Kazakhstan.

Invested 350 million dollarsin Kazakhstan, and will cause spaghetti to be loved


The Chairman of Board of Okan Holding, Bekir Okan, has explained the reason of their investments in Kazakhstan in these words: “First of all, Kazakhstan is the homeland of our ancestors; secondly, the country’s economy is improving and developing under the wise and successful management of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev “. Okan is a businessman from Gaziantep, who meets with Nazarbayev very often. Thus, when Nazarbayev came to his residence in Antalya at the beginning of the week for his vacation and wished to meet with him, Okan could not make it to the organizations in Astana for the 15th anniversary of establishment.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Okan University based in İstanbul, Bekir Okan has expressed that they would lay the foundation of the campus on a 150 decares area near Formula 1 in fall. His brother Mehmet Okan has undertaken the management of a 30 thousand hectares field (as big as Küçük Menderes Plain) that they have rented in three regions from the state in Kazakhstan,apart from their food, textile and agricultural investments that he is head of in Gaziantep. He says that this is why they have established a company called ’Okan Agro’ and started to plant Kanola with modern technology,which is a buckwheat and an industrial plant. Ömer Arkan, who is Bekir Okan’s son and the Chairman of Board of their construction and tourism investments in Kazakhstan,expressed that “They are now a local Kazakh company.” Okan Group has 7 companies in Kazakhstan, ranging from construction and tourism to banking.


Their investments starting from Astana, which is the capital city looking like a worksite with 600 thousand population,to Petroplavlovsk, which is a city in Northern region on Siberia border with 170 thousand population, have been introduced to a group of journalists.Okan has entered Kazakhstan for the first time with their brand ’Sultan’ that manufactures flour-pasta-semolina, biscuits and chocolate. There are manufactured 30 types of different pasta and semolina weighing 120 tons with cutting edge technology.

Kazakhstan dominates 80% of the market. At ’The best products of Kazakhstan’ fair in 2005, ’Sultan Pasta’ has been awarded with the grand prize. Melih Güllü, General Manager of distribution company Orbis, stated that “We have made pasta the 3rd food product eaten with meat in Kazakhstan, placing right after bread and potato. Our new goal is to have spaghetti to be loved by Kazakh people”.

Aiming to be the group that provides most employment in Kazakhstan,

OKAN continues its construction services apart from its investments in Kazakhstan. The construction of state-owned Institute of Emergency Service and Scientific Research with 240 beds continues in Astana. Okan’s

Fields of Activityanother workFoundationwill cost 11 million dollarsCareer’Eurasia’ bank’s constNewsruction. Previously, the groupContacthas completed the Kazakhstan National Museum and Cultural Center, which costed 21 million dollars, at the heart of the city in 2000. Today, there are 4 thousand employees working at Okan’s businesses, and this number will increase to 6 thousand with their new investments and it will be the largest organization creating employment in Kazakhstan.

A complex that is worth million dollars with the view of ’Presidency Palace’

Five-star ’Okan Intercontinental Hotel’ that costed 120 million dollars is the first investment of the group in Astana. Statesmen visiting the country stay here. The Hotel is known as a hotel that Russian Leader Putin also likes. Right next to the hotel, which is currently operating at 40% capacity, the grand opening of the office and residence complex called ’Merei İnterconti’, which costed 28 million dollars, will be conducted next month. 220 apartments of three blocks, each of them having 20 floors, are on sale. The apartment prices change between 60 and 100 thousand dollars. Okan Holding will lay the foundation of ’Jeruyik Work, Business and Residence Complex’, which will replace a 17 hectares old textile factory currently being demolished, at the heart of Astana. In an area with the view of the Presidency Palace, there are 2084 apartments in a complex of 476 thousand hectares. It is expressed that the project that will be completed in 2010 will cost 280 million dollars.

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