Message Of Construction Chairman of The Board

Being one of the leading companies of Turkey, Okan Holding has been founded in the year 1972 and carried out its operations up today with its international experience and high technology.

OKAN CONSTRUCTION Inc. obtained the infrastructure contracts of Turkey in 1977 and completed these projects successfully then specialized in tourism, industry and industrial buildings and distribution network. In the 80’s, it performed its part within the scope of opening to abroad policy of Turkey, starting its construction investments abroad.

In the global construction sector, and particularly in the reconstruction of CIS countries, OKAN CONSTRUCTION Inc. has taken its place in the front line and achieved many glamorous projects. OKAN CONSTRUCTION Inc. undertook many projects mainly in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia successfully.

Projects that are realized by OKAN CONSTRUCTION Inc. are and built up by specialist engineers and architects with recent construction technologies; besides training and exercise works for project owners of smart building projects are hold by the same specialist group. These projects are: banking, food production plants and hotel management marketing activities.

OKAN CONSTRUCTION Inc. continues the innovations knowing that technology will always improve and presenting the best to humanity is a target. Company, attaching great importance to research and development, built a relevant unit composed of experts. The base of this unit is finding and developing new construction methods, making researches about latest materials and equipments, and is always in constant contact with international institutions. Unit also believes that cooperating with other construction firms will make the greatest job in reaching the best.

The assets of the firm grows everyday and agents and branches in foreign countries turn into headquarters and agents and branches in the countries that she plans to enter, have increased in number. Every type of machinery needed is instantly included and every possibility is made use of to make the jobs fast as possible.

In one hand Okan Construction expands as a contractor firm in various countries in the other hand it carries on successful projects and investments.

Construction works and investments of Okan Holding can be categorised as; complex, hotel, infrastructure projects (road, water, sewer system, dam, viaducts, bridges), production plant, industrial plant, mass housing and quality houses, business centers, contracting and turn key business.

Okan Construction is an international company which carries out its knowledge, experience, business conception, quality and specialization of 30 years in abroad and carries on its international investments.

President’s Residence at Astana Kızıljar, 5 starred Ramada Plaza Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan National Museum and Culture Center, High Twin Towers, Diplomatic City and Avrasyabank, are prestigious projects and Pavlador Omsk State Highway 1st Part, 240 bedded Emergency Aid Hospital and Scientific Research Institute projects that are completed by Okan Construction Inc.

Bayterek Kompleks, Okan Sultan Grand Petropavlovsk Shopping, Recreation, Housing Complex are projects of Okan Construction that are under construction.

Sultan Modern Flour-Semolina-Pasta Integrated Plants, Sultan Biscuit and Candy Factory, Sultan Marketing, Astana Concete, Okan Agro, Okan Merei Astana Complex, Okan Bayterek Almatı Complex and Okan Grand Sultan Petropavlovsk Complex constitute the investments of Okan Holding.

Okan Construction Group is an international organization which carries on opening to new markets at all the sectors by maintaining all its achievements with its experience in several fields, research and development studies, high technology it applies and with its ISO certified firms managed with total quality awareness.

Omer Okan
Chairman of The Board