Nazarbayev: My door is open for you

President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, whom not only us, journalists, but also the representatives of important companies of the world are waiting in line to get an appointment, stands right next to us. He is giving close attention to Turkish businessmen, receiving information about their investments and asking about their well being. He knows some of them like a family member.

Okan Holding’s President Bekir Okan states that he is back from Malaysia and adds:

“For the ceremony of your 15th year that you started your investments in Kazakhstan,

I came right here from the airport without stopping by anywhere else…”

When he is on the stage for his speech, he starts his speech by stating that Turkish businessmen has not left him alone 15 years ago when Kazakhstan declared republic.

He calls Bekir Okan and Ahmet Hamdi Ayan “my brothers”, who conduct business in Kazakhstan.

No pipeline

We go to the Sultan Suit, which is on the top floor of Okan Intercontinental Hotel, after the ceremonial speech.

We start talking with Nazarbayev. When we reminded him that the ceremony for petrol-flow through Bakü-Tiflis-Ceyhan (BTC) line would be conducted next week, he interrupted us:

“Mr. Sezer also insists me on joining the ceremony in Ceyhan. I told him that I had an important meeting in Moscow and I wouldn’t be able to make it but I would send my minister…” We asked him when Kazakhstan would join the BTC with the pipeline.

He reminded us the agreement that they had signed with Azerbaijan’s President İlham Aliyev a little while ago. Stating that the petrol would be transported between Aktau Port of Kazakhstan and Baku, he said:

“A petrol pipeline from the Caspian Sea is not possible right now. We can only transport by tankers… ”

We will enrich uranium

The delegation of parliament members and businessmen was accepted by Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Daniel Ahmetov, yesterday.

He started his talk by calling Bekir Okan “my big brother”.

He invited Turkish businessmen for investment. He sent messages to Turkey, who has been preparing for nuclear energy:

  • Within five years, we will increase our petrol sales to 180 million tons, and natural gas to 15 billion cubic meters. We will build 10 new refineries.
  • We have 27% of uranium in the world. We will become the leading country selling enriched uranium. We will enrich 17 thousand tons of uranium in ten years. We will add another one with a brand new technology to our 5 nuclear plants.
  • There are only a few countries having a spaceport; the USA, France, Russia and us. Apart from Baykonor, we are now building a new spaceport in a cooperation with Russia. We are sending a new satellite that has a coverage from Turkey to China

and that will scan the Caspian Region.
* We produce heavy and light rockets that are one of a kind in the world. We have the means of building planes  better than the USA produces.

* We are establishing a free-zone for textile in Çimkent. We will provide great conveniences  for foreign investors.

Fields of interest

We learned that Kazakhstan is interested in Turkey, also apart from high-technology.
Zeki Pilge, the President of Turkish-Kazakh Businessmen Association, gives us this information:
* They are highly interested in tourism investments. They bought a hotel in Bodrum and want to buy new ones. Additionally,they will built a refinery in Turkey.

* Kazakhstan has been applying the Mortgage system for 6 years, where Turkey has delayed to issue the related law despite the fact that it had been trying to realize it for years. In case the law is issued, they aim to enter housing sector in Turkey as well. Earning the republic 15 years ago, Kazakhstan, which did not have a single 5-star hotel, now meets us as the richest and rising value of the region.


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