Okan Holding Group Profile

Okan Holding, as one of the pioneer companies of Turkey, was founded in 1972 and up until now it has been an industrial company which carried on its activities by means of international experience and advanced technology.

Okan Holding, which carries out its activities on construction field with OKAN INSAAT, has performed its tasks within the context of foreign policy, started to make investments in external trade, food industry, textile industry and tourism industry, and directed the investments through the international stage.

Investments in Turkic Republics, mainly Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, have been carried out by means of successful projects in 90’s. These projects are in the fields of banking, food production facilities and hotel management marketing. Furthermore, Okan Holding expands as a contractor firm in various countries.

Besides the experience in various areas, research and development works and international connections of the Group, and its ISO certificated companies that are managed with advanced technologies and total quality consciousness, the Group carries on its success in all of the areas and reaches new markets. Okan Holding, always seeks the best and keeps its responsibilities for a developed economy and for a good future by operating constant production in Turkey in 2000’s.