Okan Holding

Letter From The Chairperson

Globalization and developments arise from constant movement in the world have a vital meaning for us. Our mission is to serve and develop our country technologically, economically and culturally as it deserves.

In recent years projects and investments conducted by Turkish companies in abroad have proved to whole world that we have the power to achieve this aim. In this process which we consider as a relay race that continues by means of new investments which have been accelerated by customs union, we have proceeded considerably. Construction works which we have carried out are 1.900.000 square meter and we have domestic-oversea investments with the amount of 5.000.000 $. Our basic concern is to offer best products and services along with notion of contemporary, dynamic and reliable working concept without making a concession from quality.

Our international specialization in finance, food industry, textile industry, tourism industry, building sector, energy industry and commercial sector has emerged us into a strong position.

At Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan, except for the Ramada Plaza Astana which was built in two years, we are proud of our projects like Sultan Macaroni, Sultan Biscuit and Sugar Factory. Jeruyik and Bayterek Complexes that have been started to being constructed; these are also huge projects.

President’s Residence at Astana Kızıljar, 5 starred Ramada Plaza Astana, Okan Merei Astana Shopping and Residence Complex, Kazakhstan National Museum and Culture Center, High Twin Towers, Diplomatic City and Avrasyabank, are prestigious projects that are completed by Okan Holding.

We took notice of the cooperation with international companies as a result of global trends while gaining significant incomings to our country by producing and exporting high quality products.

We are open for novelties, new ideas and new ideals for more than 35 years. Also hereafter we will continue to work for a greater Turkey, better world and happy people without losing respect for humanity, nature and environment.

The Okan Culture, Education and Sports Foundation is a private endowment established in 1986 to conduct studies on economic, social, cultural, sports, health and education issues, draft proposals and assist the state in formulating solutions.

On 15.12.1999 in Istanbul, “Okan University” was established by Okan Culture Education and Sport Foundation with the code no.4488, and establishment has taken place pursuant to the provisions of code no. 2547 about Foundation universities.

Okan Holding is an international organization which carries on opening to new markets at all the sectors by maintaining all its achievements with its experience in several fields, research and development studies, high technology it applies and with its ISO certified firms managed with total quality awareness.

Bekir Okan