Sultan Confectionary

Our factory, established in the city of Petropavlovsk of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1998, was built by the construction firm “Okan Construction” on the territory with the total area of 40,000 sq. m including 10.000 sq. m of covered and 30,000 sq. m of an open area and manifactures biscuits, chocolate and wafers. There are 300 workers employed in the factory.

For producing biscuits with the state of art-technology, the factory applies the equipment of the firm “Van Der Pol” (Netherlands). In order to produce wafers, it uses the equipment of the firm “Rapido” (Germany). Chocolate coating is made with the help of the equipment of German firms “Lehman” and “Chocotech”. Products are packed utilizing the equipment of teh Spanish firm “Fesa” and the Italian firm “Otem”.

Demonstarting a large process in 2005, the Sultan Confectionary became a factory possessing the popular trade-mark and within 2005-2006 completed investemnts into the production of new products, namely marshmallows and wafers, providing the operation with a full capacity in a 24 hour working regime. Our confectionary currently has an assortmnet including 52 varieties of products.

All products are certified by the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation quality standards. Until the end of 2006, factory processes o 30.000 tons of flour, 12.500 tons of sugar and 7000 tons of oil as raw materials of the total 50.000 tons of production. since the date of its establishments. Its contribution to the food sector and to the region is noticable.

Our product portfolio manifactured with the help of the confectionery equipments by the leading brands and using high technology under multi-auto conditions, made us the most wanted brand mainly in Kazakhstan and the neighbour states’ markets.

Sultan Waffeles & Biscuits Co.
Musrepova str. Petropavlovsk Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel. 007 3152 472583/474045
Fax. 007 3152 474250