Sultan Macaroni

The Industrial complex on manifacturing flour, semolina and macaroni, “The Sultan Macaroni” was set up on an area of 110.000 m2 by OKAN CONSTRUCTION INC. supported with Eximbank credit. It is possible to keep simultaneously 100 tons of wheat in a silos.

The factory is equipped with the Swiss “Buhler” machinery including a semolina mill manufacturing 200 tons of hard wheat per day, 2 cutting and 1 macaroni line producing 3200 tons of macaroni per month. Being a public company with a ready paid fund of 30.000.000 $, 400 workers are employed in the factory. It was put into operation in 1996 as being the most modern factory in the area. “Sultan” produces high standard macaroni with the latest technology and it has acquired vogue shortly making “Sultan” the leading brand in domestic and foreign market. High quality and ecologic Sultan macaroni, manifactured by Kazakhstan’s hard wheat and produced by the best technology in the world, is a leading global brand preffered by the Kazakh and neighbouring states’ consumers. The factory has 3500 tons of semolina, 600 tons of flour and 1000 tons of whole-wheat production capacity per month. In the factory 3200 tons of 1. class from A group macaroni are produced with more than 30 different varieties of thin and thick macaroni.

Contributing to Kazakh economy, Sultan Macaroni is a sembolic brand in Kazakhstan and demanded by the Kazakh consumers.

There is also an increasing interest for Sultan products in the countries as Ukraine, Uzbekstan, Tajikstan,Turkmenistan,Afghanistan,Kyrgyzstan and Russia with its regions starting from Moscow to East Siberia, where these products are exported to.Sultan Macaroni is awarded the diploma “Grand Prize of Kazakhstan” and “The Best Products of Kazakhstan” in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Sultan Macaroni AO
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Petropavlovsk Republic of Kazakhstan
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