Turkish Construction Companies Operating in Kazakhstan

The number of Turkish companies is about 250

Today, while the number of Turkish companies operating in Kazakhstan is almost 250, 70% those companies are fully Turkish-financed and the rest are operating by establishing partnerships with Kazakh companies. Some of these companies are:

Sembol İnşaat (Sembol Construction)

One of the Turkish companies growing in Kazakhstan in recent years is Sembol İnşaat. In Turkey, Fettah Tamince, the owner of Rixos Hotels, and his partner Aytekin Gültekik, have built the “Peace Pyramid” in Astana. Among the buildings that the company built in Astana, there is Rixos President Hotel. Sembol is now building a collapsible stadium in Astana. Among the plans of the company, there is to build an indoor city with 10 thousand people capacity. Contracted works of Sembol İnşaat in Kazakhstan are almost worth 500 million dollars.

Okan Holding

Leaving its 15th year in Kazakhstan, Okan Holding owns 25 companies in Kazakhstan today. The amount of investments has reached 350 million dollars. The group has Sultan Flour and Pasta Factory in Petropavlovk city. The company has also built the Presidency Residence in Astana, 5-Star Okan Intercontinental Hotel Astana, The National Museum and Cultural Center, High Twin Towers, Diplomatic City, Avrasyabank, Okan Merei Interconti, Astana Shopping and Residence Complex.

Among the ongoing projects of the company, there are Okan Jeruyik Astana Entertainment, Shopping, Trade and Residence Complex, Okan Bayterek Alma-Ata 5-Start Hotel, Entertainment, Trade, Shopping and Residence Complex, Okan Sultan Grand Petropavlovsk Entertainment, Shopping and Residence Complex.

Ahsel Construction

It realized the construction of the housing complex with 718 residences, where bureaucrats will reside in and of which investment is worth 90 million dollars. Next to the housing complex, it started the construction of 20-floor business center and shopping mall. Among their plans, there is to build a super luxury hotel.

Alarko Holding:

Alarko has constructed the Astana InternationalTRAirport.

Üçgen Construction:

They delivered the building that the Ministry of Finance and Kazakoil share. They put into service a small hotel.

They undertook the construction of Eurasia University that is being built in the Capital and that will cost 20 million dollars.

Anadolu Group

Anadolu Group has three large investments in the field of beverage production and bottling.

Koç Group

Koç Group has three shopping malls, 2 of which are in Almaty and 1 is in Astana, within the body of Rambutya

shopping malls that they partnered with Kazakh company Butya.

Turkuaz Group of Companies

Turkuaz Group has Turkuaz Vegetable Oil Industry company that they partnered with Arabian Savola Group. In addition, they are the biggest distribution chain with 1200 employees and their offices, warehouses and distribution network throughout 10 regions of Kazakhstan. They work with large companies such as Nestle and Unilever.


Turkish Oil Exploration Association (TPAO) is the biggest Turkish investor in Kazakhstan. Having the majority of shares of the “Kazakturkmunay” company, which was established as a joint venture with Kazakoil, TPAO has invested 272 million dollars in this project.


Established by Turkcell with Kazakh Telecom in 1998 and of which majority of shares belong to Turkcell, K.Cell company is one of the two GSM operators in Kazakhstan. The other GSM operator, K-Mobile, is the partnership that was established by Rumeli Holding with Investel company of Kazakhstan.

The eagle means a lot

The word Kazakh means “free and brave”. In the country where hunting is widespread, the eagle is a bird that is so important to be on the flag. Kazakh people consist of 130 different nations. However, the purpose of the government is to increase the Kazakh population. The rate of 70% Kazakh and 30% other nations is applied on recruitment. The economical life keeps getting warm. The increase in the purchasing power can be understood from the increase in the demand for housing and number of cars.

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