You cannot expect everything from the government!

Private entrepreneurs entering the education sector in Turkey is a great opportunity for the future of the country. Right now, there are 77 state and 24 foundation (private) universities in Turkey. The public has started to recognize and embrace these rapidly developing foundation universities.

When we hear Yeditepe, Koç, Bilgi, Sabancı, Fatih, Bilkent and similar names, we all know those indicate universities.

Some of those universities were established by important scholars. We can give Prof. Doğramacı as an example.

Some of them has transformed from private courses into universities, such as Bahçeşehir.

Some foundation universities have arisen after the established high schools renewing themselves and entering the higher education sector. The progress made by Galatasaray with the efforts of İnan Kıraç, in particular, is an example for this.

Or İstek Foundation high schools under the leadership of Bedrettin Dalan have generated Yeditepe University.

There are also the universities of industries or large capital groups. We can give Koç and Sabancı Universities as examples for this. For example, the name of Kadir Has has been identified with a university in the same manner.

These foundation universities are also within the YÖK system as state universities are. They also feel the good or bad sides of YÖK.

In theory, the purpose of education is to train “Students that question”. However, current economic and political conditions rise students who do not know what to become in the future, rather than ones that question. Additionally, there is also a fact, in our society, regarding a university youth, who got stuck between the society and the world due to a central ideological direction, and who suffers from dilemmas.

On the other hand, we repeatedly feel shocked every year to learn how many high school graduates take the exam and how many of them are able to enter.

We remember these sad facts with shocking numbers in every other period of university submission and admission. Then, after some time, when we hear the subject of university, we think of “headscarf”.

When I heard that my countryman from Gaziantep, Bekir Okan, had also established a university, I sat down and talk with him and Okan University Rector Prof. Dr. Sadık Kırbaş.

Bekir Okan has directed their investments to Kazakhstan after the industrial facilities in Gaziantep.

They are also in tourism with Marco Polo.

Bekir Okan has two answers for the question “Why did you establish a university while there are already many of them?”. The first is to leave his name to the next generations with a charity. And the second is to establish a different university as an experienced industrialist and to ensure the graduates of this university to be equipped with qualifications sought in the market.

Rector Prof. Kırbaş emphasized that the students of Okan University would learn Russia as well as English, German and Spanish as both tourism and trade language. They had signed an agreement with Pushkin University.

In addition, the students are being put in the work environment since their first year. For example, 5 students work at Nurol Holding, 8 students at Marco Polo and one student at DEİK,in this semester.

Okan University is at the bottom of the ladder. They will accept 400 students this year. In the future, we will see these studentsas the pioneers of the new generations, who will dominate the Central Asia trade with their Russian knowledge and scientific competency. Or the stars of Turkish tourism will born among those.
When I started journalism at the beginning of 1960s, I thought “A journalist in this region should learn Russian and Arabic, and also Persian if possible”. I received Russian class for almost two years,

Fields of ActivityI learned how to write, and the grammer,Foundationand reading. CareerI also started to learn NewsArabic and Persian. However,Contactmy intense work has prevented me from improving these. In those years, I worked as night secretary, worked for foreign news during days and tried to be a researcher and a reporter.

To conclude, I wish success for both those establishing universities and those studying at these universities to open up to the world.

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